Spartan Diaries: Day 1 On Client Site


Meet Lucas and Lucy! They’ve just finished their first day on client site testing software for motorsports simulators. Here are Lucas’ reflections on is Sparta journey:

After finishing my degree in Biology at Cardiff University, I was pretty positive that the science industry wasn’t for me. I felt like things moved too slowly. So after I graduated I did what most of us do and got a job in retail. I knew I didn’t want to stay in retail forever so I started looking into other industries and found myself focusing more and more on I.T. That’s how I found out about Sparta Global. After putting the feelers out I learnt that they could give me the training to start a career in IT. At first, I was a bit apprehensive as the whole business model wasn’t one I had heard about before, but after the assessment day I came out understanding a lot more about Sparta and the opportunity it offered and I was all in favour!


The course I was doing focused mainly on manual software testing, but it encompassed so much more about the I.T industry. The course taught me valuable business skills, which was really important because it prepared many of us younger graduates for going into corporate work environments that we hadn’t had any experience with before. Of course, we also focused on the technical skills we would use as testers. Our training started from the ground up so people from a range of degrees would be all be able to learn to the same level. We started from the very basics such as: “What’s in a URL?” and went all the way to creating websites and apps so that we would have a better understanding of the broader software development cycle.


During the course, we also had the opportunity to hear from guest speakers. They were professionals from various areas of the tech industry who came to talk to us about their work. This gave us some great insights into many different areas of the I.T world. We heard from developers from Graze, Twilio and Jaeger to name a few.


After I finished the course I got my first job placement at a company that creates software for motorsport shows. My role involved working to strict show deadlines to test all the software before the start of the event. Since I started work, I’ve been using all the technical skills I learnt at the Sparta Academy but it’s also about having the right mindset. Lastly and most importantly, knowing that at any time I could get help from the Sparta teachers or my fellow Spartan classmates put my mind at ease.


Lucas has now finished his first placement and has just started his second role at Discovery Channel. Well done Lucas!