Spartan Evie Skinner: chasing a C# career


In 2017 Evie Skinner made the choice to swap a possible teaching career for a new future in technology. A talented linguist, her ability to pick up new languages translated to computer programming and she was quick to adopt to her new role as a C# and Business Intelligence developer…


What were you doing prior to joining Sparta Global?

I studied a BA (Hons) in French and Arabic at Durham University. I then decided I wanted to start teaching, subsequently spending three months studying a Modern Languages PGCE at Newcastle University.


I came across an opportunity with Sparta Global online and I am very glad I did. It opened up so many opportunities for me – at a time when I was looking for something new.


Talk us through your journey with Sparta Global

I joined the Richmond Academy in early 2017 and took up a place on the SDET course to become an SDET/test automation engineer. I loved every minute of my training! The part I most enjoyed was being able to learn new technologies every day, and feeling empowered to explore the myriad of creative possibilities these produce.


Being accepted onto the course proved to be an amazing opportunity and I was suddenly exposed to a whole new world of tech and opportunities! In April 2017, and just a few months after joining the Academy, I had graduated and was waiting for my first placement.


Where are you currently working?

I am currently assigned to a large financial corporation in Hertfordshire. I have been working as a C# and Business Intelligence developer there for just over nine months now and I am really enjoying it!


My day-to-day tasks include contributing C# code and its accompanying unit tests to the team project I am currently working on, all while finding opportunities to propagate Agile values and practices in the business.


I am hugely improving my C# on an Agile team-based data migration project. I have also recently completed a solo Waterfall project which involved me building a system  of SSIS packages that automate the submission of employees' expense claims.


What outcomes have you seen as a direct result of your work? Can you see a tangible benefit to the company?

Absolutely! The company I work with will undoubtedly save time and money as a result of my solo project, and will start to become more Agile through the visibility of the Agile team project. I also run a weekly meditation club at work that is helping my colleagues to be more relaxed and productive.


Do you enjoy your work there? Why?

I feel very lucky to have been placed in the company I have! I enjoy my work because my colleagues are supportive and humorous, and I am gaining knowledge of the financial business and Microsoft technology stack at the same time. I can really see my contribution making an impact and I feel very proud of this.