Spartan George Harris: building on the basics for a technical career


More than two years into his career with Sparta Global, we caught up with Spartan consultant George Harris to hear about his continued learning and migration from front-end to back-end developer…


Tell us about your journey with Sparta Global.

I had just completed an Arabic and Spanish degree at The University of Manchester when I was invited by Sparta Global to an assessment day. I am not sure how I came across Sparta Global but I was job hunting and received a call from Alistair [Marshall, Sparta Global talent team] to apply!


I joined the Richmond Academy in early 2017 and took up a place on the SDET course to become an SDET/test automation engineer.


What did you enjoy most about training?

It was really cool to suddenly have the world of tech just open up. Before I completed my training, it felt like anything tech related was far too difficult. Now having completed the Sparta course, I have been given the tools to continue to teach myself – with the basics you can do so much.  Being a developer means you get to build things, and there is something really satisfying when the thing you've been tinkering with finally works.


Where are you currently working?


I'm currently working at a technology company in Basingstoke as a Software Developer. I started working there at the end of October 2018 as a software developer, initially focusing on front-end technical tasks as that was where I had more experience. However, I have since picked up C# skills and have been doing more work on the back-end system too.


I have now exclusively worked on a project that is a browser-based way for pharmacists to meet industry regulations when verifying or supplying packs of medicine.


What outcomes have you seen as a direct result of your work? Can you see a tangible benefit to the company?

The company’s User Interface (UI) and offline functionality have improved because of the work I've done, and I've worked on improving the logging of the system too. It is very satisfying seeing the end results of the work I have done.


Do you enjoy your work there? Why?

I do really enjoy my work and it’s mainly because I have been able to learn so many new things and develop my skills. As part of a team, my contributions are improving the product and I can see them having a positive business impact. There's also something really satisfying about fixing bugs!