Spartan Nick Aldridge is shortlisted for Computing’s Digital Hero of the Year Award!


Computing’s Digital Technology Leaders Awards celebrate companies and individuals transforming the technology industry today. Its new Digital Hero of the Year Award recognises young people starting careers in the digital world who have succeeded on training schemes without prior experience. This year, Spartan Consultant Nick Aldridge has been shortlisted for the prestigious award.


“Being shortlisted was such a pleasant surprise. I like to think of myself as someone that isn’t very self-aggrandising, but I do feel proud to be shortlisted for this! I think it sends a very positive message that hard work will always be recognised,” says Nick.

After completing a technical training course at our Richmond Academy, Nick began work as a Propositions Systems Analyst at Three. Joining the retail giant ten months ago, Nick has already made a significant impact on the team’s culture and helped to greatly improve the efficiency of the company’s backend systems.

Nick says; “Before starting at Three, Sparta Global made a point of training all Spartans in soft skills and giving them tips on social navigation within businesses. I was always encouraged to integrate as much as possible with clients on site and this - mixed with Three’s inclusive atmosphere - means I have been given all the support I need to volunteer for an assortment of activities”.

Nick’s focus and can-do attitude has helped him quickly transition into a valued member of Three’s team, with Digital Director Doug Chapman crediting Nick for being a resoundingly positive influence on other team members.

“Around work people have been asking me about the award, the word has certainly spread, and I am now known as someone in the department that is always ready to muck in and get involved,” Nick continues.

“I’m very happy to be representing both Sparta Global and Three in a positive light and I’m glad to help and support them in the same way they have helped and supported me”.

At Sparta Global we are dedicated to shaping tech talent and future leaders. We wish Nick the best of luck for the awards – taking play July 4th - and look forward to seeing him continue to learn and succeed at Three.

Watch our recent case study video with Nick and Doug Chapman, Digital Director at Three, to find out more about Nick’s tech journey.