Spartan Tom Endacott: trusted with business transformation


Tom Endacott didn’t go to university, instead choosing to study online. This self-starter attitude led him to apply to Sparta Global and helped turn a passion for software engineering into a career fit for the future…


How did you come across Sparta Global?

Unusually, I joined Sparta after choosing not to attend university. I completed a level 3 front-end development certification with an online college instead.


I found Sparta Global after looking for tech-focussed jobs and applied online when I saw offered training that could help lead me to my first tech job.

Tell us a little bit more about your training with Sparta Global

I joined the Richmond Sparta Academy in mid-2018 and graduated just a few months later in September. I had initially trained as an SDET but I was then included in Sparta’s first ever Java course. The first Sparta client I was assigned to exclusively used Java so the Academy made sure I was prepared to hit the ground running when I started on site.

What did you enjoy most about training?

You are constantly learning and being given the opportunity to practice new skills. The Academy course is a lot to take in but gradually building on what you learn, putting everything into practice as you go, and working on a final project using all your newly acquired skills, really cements your knowledge.

What has it been like on-site in your first assignment with a Sparta Global client?

Since September 2018 I have been working with one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firms - based in London.


I am currently working as a Test/QA Automation Developer. Each day starts with a test team stand-up to plan actions for the day, followed by the developer stand-up. Though we do not need to be a part of developer meetings, we listen in incase any deployments or testing changes are needed as a result of their projects.


The rest of the day is less easy to define. My time can be split across a number of tasks, meetings or training, but usually consists of either individual, paired, or mob programming.


Have you been working on a particular project/solution?

I was initially involved with in-house training for the firm’s transition to Agile with a full development team.  This was followed by a couple of weeks of ‘coding challenges’ - all related to gaining a stronger understanding of how the new system works and its overall architecture. Since the start of 2019, however, I have been working on a brand-new test automation framework. Testing has now come on-shore so I am working on building something completely from scratch.


What outcomes have you seen as a direct result of your work?

As the framework is totally fresh it isn’t quite ready to be fully implemented. However, it is being built in an efficient and effective way – with hundreds of previous frameworks tests being carried over and refactored. It already runs smoke tests significantly quicker than the previous system and it is set to massively reduce the time taken to run anything and everything, from smoke to full regression tests!


How have you found your client assignment?

I very much enjoy my work. It’s a great environment and everyone in the office has a great attitude. The work I (and the other Spartans on-site) have been entrusted with is a huge, long-term project that we’re building how we see best. Building an automation test framework has helped us develop both our software development skills and testing skills as it forces us to think from both perspectives. It’s a brilliant opportunity!