The Problem With Millenials – Our Sparta Education Philsophy


Today at the Academy we’ve been watching this clip from Simon Sinek, in which he one of the most challenging aspects of working with and hiring millennials: they are a generation of smart, tech-savvy individuals with very poor self-confidence.

They go into the workplace lacking the confidence to hammer their way to a win, nor to be wrong, fail and learn a quicker route to success. Education and Industry need to create work environments that allow millennials to learn self-confidence or we'll all just keep passing around the unfulfilled promise of "high potentials" at increasingly higher salaries.

At our training academy, one of the key values of our education philosophy is to create a psychologically safe environment where it’s safe to try new things, and to fail. You can only learn something when you’ve tried enough of the wrong solutions to lead you to the write answer. Fail forwards, move upwards.