Thomas Woods: December Spartan of the Month


Thomas Woods has always had a passion for data, and even a pandemic couldn’t stop him from pursuing a career in an area he loved. After joining our (remote) Academy at the end of 2020, Thomas kicked off the new year – and his technology career! – with a role at a global software company. Now 12 months in, Thomas has been recognised by his line managers for his exceptional self-starter attitude, commitment to continuous learning and development and his ability to share knowledge with others.


Congratulations on being named Spartan of the Month for December!

This is an incredibly proud moment for me. It’s not something that I expected to receive but it’s nice to see the feedback on the projects that I’ve worked on so far!


So, how did you come to join Sparta Global? Did you study tech at University?

I studied Mathematics at De Montfort University as an Undergraduate, then stayed on for another year and did a Postgraduate degree in Data Analytics. I had always had a keen interest in data.


How did you find out about us?

I was searching for jobs during my Master’s year at University and was looking on LinkedIn. I saw a job advert for the Data Engineering course at Sparta Global and read about the different types of software and programming languages you’d have the chance to learn about. Having had a taste of some of these programming languages on the Data Analytics course I was studying, I knew this was the right path for me to gain a greater knowledge.


Due to Covid-19, you couldn’t train in our Academy. How did you find this?

That’s right, I completed my training remotely due to the pandemic, starting in November 2020 and graduating in the middle of February 2021.


The training contained lots of content which had the right amount of detail needed to understand how to use the different programming languages and/or software. Considering that the course lasted just 12 weeks, there was more than enough time to get a good understanding of everything. This need to learn quickly over a short amount of time has prepared me for the current position I’m in and allowed me to quickly learn and be able to use new software and applications over and over.


You’re currently working for a global software company, can you tell me about what you have been assigned to do?

I am an implementation consultant day-to-day. My normal activities include using my employers FP&A software to build models and reports for customers, and to troubleshoot any issues for customers whose solution has already gone live.


How have you found your first tech role?

Before joining Sparta Global, I actually worked as a Data Analyst for three months in between my Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies. So, having the chance to carry on in the tech industry has been great and I’ve learnt so much more thanks to the opportunity to go through Sparta’s training and take up a role with their client.


Are you enjoying working in the tech industry?

Yes, I’m really enjoying working in the tech industry! I’ve had a passion for data and problem solving since secondary school and combining that with tech makes it interesting and enjoyable.


Do you feel you now have the passion and skill to carve a long-serving career in technology?

Yes, with the skills I gained from University along with skills I’ve learnt while I’ve been at Sparta Global and on client site, I think I’ve got a vast amount of knowledge that I’ll be able to take into the future and a have a long career with.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates?

I’d definitely recommend Sparta to other graduates. My knowledge and confidence since joining Sparta has greatly increased. The training that you’re given will give you the necessary skills you need to have a long and successful career in tech.