University stories - Shan Phung: From grad to Spartan


After completing a Finance degree from UEL, Shan Phung went on the hunt for a graduate opportunity that would embrace her range of skills and perseverance in changing industries. After meeting Sparta Global’s talent team at a university event, Shan decided Sparta Global was the company that could help her progress…  


How did you first come across Sparta Global?

I graduated from the University of East London in 2018 with a First Class Honours in BSc Finance. During my time at university, I actively worked on building my network by attending events on campus.


I first engaged with Sparta Global at a student employment session in 2018. I was in my final year at university and my peers and I were introduced to the programme and the structure - built especially for graduates.


Why did you decide to get into technology and how did Sparta Global help you navigate that decision?

As a millennial, technology has always been a part of my life. The use of technology evolves as you learn more and I’ve always been eager to apply it to my career. Technology is a sector that will only continue to grow! It is a tremendously mercurial environment which makes it exciting for someone like me who likes to move at a fast pace.


Sparta Global bridges the gap between university education and working with prestigious companies. They provide us with the skills and experience that are vital in getting a foothold in the technology industry. What was noticeably different about Sparta for me, was the clarity of their business structure. After opening the new London Head Office - where Spartans in training are currently based - the company has rapidly expanded. Sparta has close relationships with reputable clients, which means greater opportunities for us as consultants. 


How did Sparta Global’s presence at your university help you learn more about your career choices in technology?

Sparta Global’s presence at the university helped me to learn more about my career opportunities in technology. The team made me feel comfortable even before graduating, regardless of whether final year students had an extensive background in technology, they introduced options that were suitable for me. The representatives at the event, Thu-Ha and Gaia, were extremely warm and enthusiastic. Their engagement made it easy to ask absolutely any questions I had. This lead me to apply after I graduated.


How was your experience going through the recruitment process at Sparta Global?

The recruitment process was much more intimate than others I had been through, it was well-structured and very informative. After a telephone interview and some psychometric tests, I was invited to an assessment day - or “Sparta Day” - which was extremely engaging. It was very relaxed and comfortable and felt more like getting to know one another which minimised the pressure you would expect. I found it much easier to showcase my soft skills. After having a one-on-one interview, I was kept in the loop with clear communication right up until I was given an offer.


What tasks are you doing now?

My team and I are currently developing our technical skills and working on different projects. We also regularly do presentations. This has helped me build on my confidence and understanding of the modules, whilst equipping us all to be more prepared for client visits.


What advice would you give to university students who are looking for their first role in industry?

If you have the drive and the determination, you do not need to worry too much. If you are curious and eager to learn and absorb information, Sparta Global can really guide and provide you with opportunities you would have probably deemed unrealistic after graduating. The business is well designed and if you pay attention to the programme you will understand the prospects open to you.


Ask lots of questions and put yourself out there!