Want to be a Tech Trainer at Sparta Global? Hear more from Technical Director, Kieran Cornwall


If you are a seasoned professional in test automation, web development or DevOps, and looking for a lifestyle change – we want to work with you. We are looking to hire a new Tech Trainer at our Richmond Academy, where successful candidates will have the opportunity to do hands on dev work, manage teams and responsibilities and work with some of our incredible clients, including Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Canada Life and Ministry of Justice UK.

Joining us in 2017, we spoke to Technical Director Kieran Cornwall about working for our growing company and what it means to make a difference for young people starting a career in tech.


What does an ‘average’ day at Sparta Global look like?

At Sparta Global it is hard to define what an average day looks like - I am always kept on my toes! I could be helping out at the Academy, training our Spartans in a particular technology, or working with our sales team to offer further insight into what we do. The next day I could be creating articles for our website, helping search for talent, delivering proof of concepts or consulting with our clients.


What did you do before joining Sparta Global?

I have come from a Quality Assurance background - both from a technical and management perspective.

I have worked across traditional sequential and waterfall methodologies and continuous deployment, so I understand the importance of having the ability to apply yourself to a wide range of coding languages and roles (such as a scrum master and product owner).  I also understand the importance of helping companies to change their delivery practices to a more quality assured iterative approach.


Starting as a manual test, I moved into the management of test functions early on in my career and have had the pleasure of working across a multitude of industries. I seemed to really find my footing in finance and media, but my passion has always been technology. This is why I have made the effort to move into a more technically focused role in the last three years.


Why did you want to work at Sparta Global?

I am passionate about helping people gain and understand the skills they need to operate in the modern technical landscape and Sparta Global has provided me with the opportunity to make a change. Technology is an industry that is constantly changing and traditional educational structures are often too slow to keep up with the pace of change, particularly how these skills are translated to the world of work. Sparta Global helps to bridge that gap, working extremely hard to partner with clients that understand the difficulties in finding and retaining well trained technical staff. I wanted to be a part of that work and Sparta Global has given me the platform.


What do you enjoy most about your role at Sparta Global?

It’s very easy to be pigeonholed when first joining a company, slotting into a role where you are just meeting a company’s short term needs. However, at Sparta Global I have the opportunity to use my variety of skills in the right place and at the right time. I am in a position where I can constantly push myself, learn new things and make a difference.

I also get to see graduates succeed too, leaving the Academy with the skills that we have given them and onto client sites. It’s hard work, but it is an extremely rewarding role.


Why should someone apply for a role at Sparta Global?

If you are hungry to learn something new every day - keeping your technical knowledge fresh and expanding on new skills – Sparta Global is the place to be.

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