Webinar: Derailment and the powerful potential of technology


On September 25th, Spartan Consultant and Managing Director of Rytrack Foundation, Chisom Izu, hosted his first webinar with BrightTALK. ‚ÄčListen to his full webinar now:


"For better – and sometimes for worse - technology permeates through an individual’s life. But can technology applications help keep people on the “right track”? Chisom Izu is currently a consultant at one of the top private healthcare companies in the world, placed in his first tech role after undertaking a specialist graduate course at Sparta Global’s technology and business training Academy. Despite a criminal record that threatened to derail his future, Chisom has succeeded in starting and sustaining a successful career in tech, while driving change amongst young people. In this talk Chisom will discuss his journey into tech, how he landed his first tech job and introduce the Rytrack Foundation – an organsiation he founded to prevent young people from being derailed and making the wrong choices. Appreciating the power of technology for change, Rytrack Foundation’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot is the latest tool developed to assist young people in staying on the right track (Rytrack). 

The Chatbot will provide critical development information to parents, guardians and leaders responsible for the welfare of young people, while introducing the concept of object-oriented programming – arguably the future of app development. From derailment to getting back on the right track, this talk will highlight the whirlwind that often precedes the calm and how technology applications will prove to be a groundbreaking resource in the successful progression of young people."