We’re hiring a new Tech TA! Find out more from Jack McGregor


We’re hiring a new Tech Teaching Assistant! At Sparta Global, we're dedicated to giving young tech talent the opportunity to succeed and grow. In this role individuals will have the opportunity to work with incredible clients like Warner Bros, improve code on a daily basis, learn new software development skills and join a fun, growing team. We are looking for people with some industry experience, but more than anything - a passion for technology!

Joining us in November 2017, we spoke to Trainer/Consultant Jack McGregor about learning on the job, joining a growing team and what it’s like to work at the Academy.

What are your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities are really varied but I ultimately teach trainee tech consultants the full range of skills they need for their job.  This includes everything from full stack web development and testing to softer skills like time management, presentations, agile teamwork, what to wear and how to build rapport with clients and senior managers.

What does an ‘average’ day look like?

A typical training day starts around 9:30am with a class stand-up where students can talk about what they learnt the day before, looking at their strengths and weaknesses.  We then go through the agenda for the day, looking at lessons, labs, reviews and, of course – when to take a lunch break.  I will also set some homework for my training course to complete in the evening.

Why did you choose to work at Sparta Global?

I chose Sparta Global for a number of reasons, not least because of the people. The team is amazing and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other. Trainers and trainees are never left to their own devices when something is wrong or people are struggling. We all care deeply about delivering value and ensuring students get the very best out of their time at Sparta Global. 

For someone as interested in tech as I am, it’s an incredibly educational place for people to work. I’m learning new things every day that are giving me a breadth of knowledge that would otherwise take years to get. 

Why should people consider joining the company?

Sparta Global is a career booster – especially in the technology industry.  Sparta Global is second-to-none for helping those with little tech experience land a consultant role in a leading tech firm. The Academy is a highly supportive, in a lovely corner of London, and it is easy to form strong bonds with trainers and trainees for the future.

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