What we’re doing to support graduate employment


The COVID-19 crisis could increase youth unemployment by 600,000 this year and ‘scar’ the longterm prospects of an entire generation, according to research from think-tanks such as the Resolution Foundation (RF). However, organisations like Sparta Global are continuing to hire graduates at this time, support career progression and offer long-term employment to passionate young people.


The class of 2020

There will be between 600,000-800,000 school leavers joining the labour market in the coming months, sparking a new youth unemployment crisis that could top one million. The Resolution Foundation also warned the impact of getting laid off while young and/or failing to find a first job after leaving school or university will inevitably cause long-term damage to an individual’s pay and job prospects in the future.

The think tank is calling on the Government to take urgent action to help the ‘corona class of 2020’, with one idea to fund this Summer’s graduates to stay in education for a further six months – graduating in January 2021.

The greater business mission

The business community needs to take action to help educate, support and drive the future of our youth workforce at this time of uncertainty. This is a time where a training academy model - such as Sparta Global’s - can provide a lifeline to young people ready to start their career in the technology sector. Graduates looking for employment in technology can spend the lockdown period completing our training and be ready to start their careers as soon as it is completed – be that virtually or physically landing on client site when we return to work.

While hiring opportunities are thinning in certain sectors, the technology skills gap in the UK remains prominent. In Tech Nation's 2020 report, the UK is Europe's top scaling tech nation with investment of £10.1 Billion in 2019 alone and there has been a 150% increase in tech sector roles in the last four years.

There are now more than 130,000 software developer vacancies in the UK and a continued critical requirement for full-stack engineers (combining developer and DevOps skills) to work alongside data scientists/analysts. The need for skilled individuals to occupy these roles is still there – and it will only grow in force as society recovers. 

What we’re doing to help

Here at Sparta Global, we are still hiring.  

Our mission is to help graduates and other young people reap the rewards of their years of study and gain access to the job opportunities they have worked hard for. In fact, we’re looking for between 100 and 150 graduates to join us in the next 4-6 weeks. Our courses are now being delivered virtually to all Academy trainees and we’ve adapted our interview and onboarding processes to support career progression at this time.


Forced to operate remotely, manage their own time, tasks and collaborate effectively from home because of COVID-19, our current trainees are fast becoming ‘Digital natives’. As they experience this unique start to their technology careers, this is a learning process we know will stand our own ‘corona class of 2020’ in great stead for the future.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our current job opportunities, apply here.

A call to arms

We must highlight the efforts of our fantastic client partners who, despite this uncertain hiring climate, continue to support the progression of our young people and work with us to generate career opportunities. We will continue to support our partners, with remote onboarding support and further training to help maintain digital operations. 

Please join us to support our drive to combat youth unemployment and support our graduates as they pursue technology careers at this time.

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