“With tech you are only bound by your imagination and that's what I love about it!”


Firmly settled in his first tech role with one of Sparta Global’s clients, Spartan Muhammad-Rayhaan Uddin is a shining example of how to transform a passion for tech into a lucrative career. We asked Mo about his time at the Sparta Academy and how it helped prepare him for life as a working consultant…


What excited you about a career in technology?

The tech field evolves quickly. It offers you a chance to be a part of something that is equal parts creative, innovative, and maybe even historic. I first came across Sparta on a jobs board website and with Sparta Global you have the chance to work in lots of different roles on lots of different client placements.


Tell us a little more about your training at the Sparta Academy

My first day as an official Spartan student was on the 22nd of January 2018 when I started the Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) course. And I truly believe the training was invaluable.


Coming from a Computer Science and Mathematics background, I already had a lot of experience with programming. For this reason, I didn't find the curriculum ridiculously tough. However, the reinforcement of good coding practices and the soft skills I gained through the training helped put me ahead.


How did you find the Academy experience?

The training is a big commitment financially and timewise - your life for 3 months is essentially just training. However, the academy experience was wonderful - probably because of the staff and people at the Richmond Academy; Lexie, Steve, Richard, Jack, Joe, Lucy, and everyone else! They all endeavored to make the training fun whilst preparing us for any tech role we'd want to take. My experience was closer to my expectation of what university study would be like than the three years I spent in uni!


What have you been up to since graduating?

After graduating I began working with one of Sparta Global’s client partners - another consultancy firm. I am currently working for a government department as an SDET and based in Southend.


My first tech role has involved creating virtualised versions of APIs and building an entire automation test framework for these services using Smeartbear's ReadyAPI software. Currently I am acting as a contractor, working with various teams within the department and on different projects as requirements arise.


How did your training with Sparta Global prepare you for employment?


Training with Sparta helped me hone my core programming skills and learn how to behave around seniority – particularly how to build rapport. Training in proper git flow was also vital and it was really surprising it wasn't taught at uni! Sparta gave me the head start I wanted in the world of testing and automated testing.


Would you recommend a career in tech to other young people?

I personally adore coding, so I am completely biased here! That being said I would definitely recommend a career in tech to anyone who is interested. The world is evolving so fast and tech roles are more and more in demand. It can also be a very creative field depending on your role - which is really fun.


Sparta isn't for everyone, and not everyone is for Sparta. You really do have to want to improve yourself over the three-month training period. Sparta will not risk its reputation of delivering quality consultants to its clients. You have to be the right kind of person to be a Spartan – but all it really takes is drive, commitment, and the ability to learn from anyone. With tech you are only bounded by your imagination and that's what I love about it!