Sparta's Athena Academy

The Athena Academy helps women get confident and get started in a career in technology. We are here to provide the next generation of women in tech with the training and career opportunities who’ll innovate, impact, and inspire.

Technology needs women; their fresh thinking, diverse perspectives, and passions. 

Sparta Global's Athena Academy offers women the chance to enter the technology industry and grow into future tech leaders, accessing award-winning training from an all-women team, and learning alongside a small all-women cohort. 

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Accredited Living Wage Employer

Princess Royal Training Award - Diversity and Inclusion accredited

Princess Royal Training Award winner

Social Mobility Index Top 20 employer

Tech Talent Charter signatory

Empowering women leaders

Our Athena Academy is designed for women with the attitude, aptitude, and potential to play a transformative role in technology, but for various reasons, feel they need a sisterhood of support to progress.

Our Athena roles include 12 weeks of funded, paid, female-led training. Although training remotely, our women will be part of an inclusive and supportive learning environment that encourages trainees to share in their wins, losses, and lessons. At the completion of training, we will assign our Athena Spartans to work on-site with our clients in their first, full-time technology role. 

Want to join the Athena Academy?



At the completion of training, our Athena Spartans will be assigned to their first tech role – a position on-site with one of our 100 client partners. These emerging roles can lead to exceptional career and salary progression in a short time.


Soon, every job will be a technology job. By developing a digital skillset and gaining experience working in technology, individuals are entering a sector with exceptional career progression, salary, longevity. The sky is the limit.


With more than 3000 Spartans (past and present), joining our community enables you to meet friends for life. It also gives you an opportunity to have a diverse, professional network - made up of people working in different roles, at different seniorities – at your fingertips.  


Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA, and reflected strongly in our community. You’ll have the chance to learn from - and work with - people from all walks of life and entirely different backgrounds. It’s a safe space to be who you want to be.

Round-the-clock support

We are not a recruitment company, or a bootcamp training provider. We do not provide training or place you in a role – then leave you to it. We are on-hand to offer pastoral support and professional support and upskilling 24/7.

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What’s different between Sparta's Athena Academy and Sparta Global’s standard Academy?

Our training can be intense, and learning alongside people who have much more experience and exposure to technology can be daunting. We wanted to curate an alternative learning environment that was paced differently and would enable women to learn from female peers and role models in tech. The Athena Academy is exclusively for women, trained by women, and runs across a 12-week period. Sparta Global’s traditional Academy streams are mixed gender, led by male and female trainers, and range from 5-8 weeks in length (dependent on the role).

Can women apply for the roles in Sparta Global's standard Academy?

Of course! The Athena Academy simply offers an alternative learning environment for women looking to get into technology. Our traditional Academy streams run more regularly and can offer more variety across skillsets.

I don’t have any tech experience, is that a problem?

It doesn’t have to be! As an equal opportunities employer, the Athena Academy is open to applicants from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Once you have applied/registered your interest in Athena, you’ll go through a short assessment process to help us gage your attitude, aptitude, and potential for success. If you tick the boxes we’re looking for – you’re in!

Which company will I be working for when I finish training?

Unless it is made clear to you in the job specification that you are applying for a ‘Dedicated programme’ or we are advertising a role for a specific client, then we cannot tell you which company you will be working for before you begin training. We advertise roles when there is a demand for this specialism amongst our clients, but we cannot guarantee where you will be assigned until they express interest in you, you successfully interview, and a role is offered. For this reason, it is important that you are prepared to work for any of our client companies and are prepared to travel to do so.

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