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We believe traditional talent attraction excludes much of the UK’s highest potential people. This is why Sparta Global is bridging the digital skills gap by hiring, training, and developing passionate people from largely underrepresented communities. By removing barriers to entry for those from non-STEM backgrounds and minority groups, we are building a pipeline of future leaders who have diverse thoughts and perspectives that will add significant value to our client partners.

No experience? No problem

Sparta Global is an equal opportunities employer. You do not need to come from a STEM background or hold a STEM qualification to apply. 

No degree necessary

Sparta Global works predominantly with graduates, but you don't have to have a degree to apply and can be a career changer or returner.

Funded training

Once hired, a Spartan's full-time training (8-12 weeks dependent on specialism) is entirely funded by Sparta Global. There is no cost for our employees.

Paid training

All Spartans will earn while they learn, receiving a salary throughout the duration of their training and whilst waiting assignment to their first tech role.

No exit fees

Sparta Global does not have any exit fees. 

Inclusive culture

Sparta Global is the only B Corp HTD company, top 20 social mobility employer and an award-winning women in tech training provider.

A B Corp company

B Corp status means Sparta Global has met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To date, there are just 1,200 companies in the UK that have acheived such extremely high standards of social and environmental impact - and Sparta Global is the only HTD company to do it.

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Empowering women through tech

Sparta Global's Athena Academy offers women the chance to enter the technology industry and grow into future tech leaders, accessing award-winning training from an all-women team, and learning alongside a small all-women cohort. 

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Our diverse community

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Migrant Leaders

Migrant Leaders is an independent UK registered charity programme. It's aims are to: Inspire and develop disadvantaged young migrants across the UK to broaden their horizons and capture opportunities well beyond their aspirations. Sparta Global regularly collaborates with Migrant Leaders on research projects and events - using our combined platforms to promote the employability of migrants in emerging careers and technology.

Career Ready

Career Ready is a national social mobility charity at the heart of a network of educators and employers who all believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to kickstart a rewarding future. Sparta Global has supported Career Ready through collaboration on the 2021 EqualTech report, donating money for each research survey completed. Sparta Global also regularly hosts Career Ready interns to showcase the opportunities available in technology.

City & Guilds Foundation

The City & Guilds Foundation is part of City & Guilds - a global pioneer in skills development that supports more than 4 million people each year to develop skills that help them into a job, develop on that job and to prepare for their next job. After winning a Princess Royal Training Award in 2021, Sparta Global was asked to deliver it's award-winning inclusive language workshop and it's internal inclusion networks. Sparta Global now has a working partnership with the foundation that aims to support the further progression of their alumni in technical careers. 

Migrant Help

Migrant Help is a UK-based charity that has been supporting migrants since 1963 - providing advice, guidance and support to asylum seekers, refugees and victims of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Sparta Global has worked with Migrant Help on a custom 3-day introduction to technology course, where migrants have the chance to explore our training and opportunities before further pursuing a career in digital. 

Women in Tech

Women in Tech is a careers website that features employers passionate about increasing gender diversity in the technology sector, and looking to hire more women. 

Being an inclusive employer is a fundamental aspect of the Sparta Global business model and championing diversity is firmly embedded in our DNA.

What are Sparta Global's entry requirements for candidates?

We hire Spartans based on their attitude, aptitude and potential for success. Employing graduates, non-graduates, career changers and returners, candidates do not have to have a degree or come from a STEM background. However, all Spartans must pass assessments necessary for their specialist training - this may include some straightforward technical tests (with pre-learning materials), verbal, written and psychometric assessments. 

How is Sparta Global's attraction process inclusive?

Our job descriptions use inclusive language and terminology to help us attract diverse candidates to apply. Our assessment process then includes a mixture of verbal, written, pychometric, logic and technical tests - enabling space for all individuals to thrive, even if neurodiversities may restrict their confidence in certain areas. It is important to note that Sparta Global's team of talent coordinators have also completed compulsory training around the use of inclusive language and removing unconscious bias across recruitment.

How does Sparta Global's training support the different needs of Spartans?

Sparta Global is a safe space for anyone and everyone to learn and grow. Our community supports diversity at every opportunity and we have built an inclusive community that champions different perspectives. When in training, our Spartans spend 8-10 weeks learning in small groups with one consistent Trainer. These parameters ensure each Spartan can access additional one-to-one support if they are challenged by the intensity of training, and have the opportunity to learn from others through building close connections. Our training is flexible by nature and can be adapted to support additional needs for individuals.

How has Sparta Global established an engaged and inclusive Spartan community?

We have built a Spartan community that leverages different experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints, encourages creativity and is reflective of today’s increasingly diverse society. We have achieved this through the establishment of internal ED&I networks (including our Women's Network), ED&I focussed thought leadership events (on topics including social mobility and neurodiversity), our annual EqualTech report and research, and storytelling - providing a platform for our diverse people to share their stories through blogs, videos and guest talks.