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Tech Careers without a Degree

The tech industry is ever evolving – as is the way we view how important education and qualifications are for accessing careers in tech. A degree is not the only ticket to a successful career in technology. Today, skills, experience, and a passion for innovation can open doors to numerous opportunities. 

New roads to tech 

Employers in the technology sector increasingly value practical skills and real-world experience, over formal education. Coding courses and self-teaching programming are both now viable ways to explore the industry and ability to learn. This change is driven by the demand for diverse skills and the fast pace of technological advancements. Put simply, traditional education cannot always keep up.

Of course, degrees aren’t always attainable for people either. Those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, those who are carers, or career changers, simply do not see costly university degrees as a possible route into tech employment. Fortunately, a growing number of organisations are dropping degrees as an entry requirement too. 

IBM is hiring people without degrees to help it recruit a more diverse workforce. "There are brilliant people everywhere, but opportunity is not the same for everyone," says Jenny Taylor MBE, who leads the company's early professional programmes. 

"Our clients are diverse. Why wouldn't you want to seek talent from every avenue that you can?" 

Equal opportunities at Sparta global 

Sparta Global is at the forefront of this movement. We provide tailored training programmes that equip individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the tech industry. Our approach is hands-on and practical, ensuring that our trainees are job-ready from day one. Check out our available roles here!

Why choose Sparta Global? 

1. Comprehensive Training: Our training programmes cover a wide range of tech disciplines, from software development to data analysis. We focus on the skills that are in high demand by employers. 

2. Real-World Experience: We partner with leading companies to provide our trainees with real-world projects and placements. This practical experience is crucial and often leads to full-time employment. 

3. Supportive Community: At Sparta Global, we foster a supportive and inclusive community. Our mentors and trainers are industry experts dedicated to helping you succeed. You do not need to come from a STEM background or hold a STEM qualification to apply. 

4. Career Development: Beyond technical skills, we provide career development support, including CV workshops, interview preparation, and ongoing professional development. 

Success stories 

Many of our trainees have gone on to secure successful positions in top tech companies, proving that a degree is not the only path to success. Their achievements demonstrate the effectiveness of our training and the potential for growth in the tech industry. To hear more of our success stories, head over to our website and check out our blog section here

The tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities for those willing to learn and adapt. With the right training and support, a career in technology is within reach for anyone, regardless of their educational background. At Sparta Global, we are committed to helping you achieve your career goals and thrive in the dynamic world of tech.

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