Our Services - Business

Product or Project Management

Flexible talent to meet your business needs.

Designed in-house, Sparta Global's training curriculums are adaptable and can keep pace with the changing demands of the UK technology industry and client needs. Our Spartans can be equally as adaptable when it comes to product or project management. Our talent can take responsibility for building products or new experiences and ensuring that large themes of work are tracking against company goals, but also have the capability to oversee the timely delivery of a specific effort within an overall initiative.

Paid training

Sparta Global funds 8-10 weeks of training for each Spartan, with trainees recieving a salary throughout.

In-house training faculty

Our training team is made up of industry professionals who have fundamental experience of working in busy digital teams. 

Tailored learning pathways

Our training focuses on experiential learning to build Spartans' business acumen and communication skills. All trainees must pass regular quality gates and assessments to progress, but end training with a final team project.

Interested in becoming a Spartan?