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Andrei Pavel: January Spartan of the Month

Andrei Pavel recognised a passion for problem solving at a young age and kickstarted his career in tech during the pandemic when he joined our Java SDET stream. Read his story here...

Congratulations on being named our first Spartan of the Month for 2022!

It has definitely helped with my Impostor Syndrome! Jokes aside - I feel very proud and reassured that I am on the right track.

You have been working in tech now for almost a year – was this always the goal?

Yes! It started as a child when I would break down my toys to see how they worked, and I went on to study Computer Science at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, Romania.

You then went on to join Sparta Global! How did you come across our training and career opportunities?

I found out about Sparta Global through a friend and one of the things that stuck with me was their idea of “Make it happen” - which has always been my own motto. After I did my research on the company, I realised that we shared the same values and I knew starting a career in tech with a company I aligned with was the right path to take.

I joined their remote Java SDET training programme in November 2020 and completed the course in February 2021.

How did you find your training, and how did it prepare you for work?

The training at the Academy was interesting - and challenging! However, I really appreciated that it was not only theory-based, we also had hands-on practice.

The training also taught me something very simple, but important: how to identify a problem and come up with a solution for it. I would definitely like to give a shout-out to my class (Engineering 76) and our trainers Astha Shaw and Manish Gadhvi for their dedication!

After completing your training, you went into a Test Analyst role in the financial sector – working on a data migration post-merger project. Sounds exciting! Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

My usual day-to-day activities are keeping the framework I have built up to date and testing the ongoing migration from source to transformation. I usually get stuck into trying to find a one-size-fits-all solution and just constantly working on perfecting what I have built. “Doing the job” should never be enough, we can always make improvements.

Working in tech was challenging at first, but with every unsuccessful attempt I made I was learning something new, which led me to continually improve my approach and logic each time. In the end, I think everyone is surprised by the detail of my reports and the value they bring to the business. That recognition is always refreshing and motivating.

Are you enjoying working in the tech industry?

When I was a child, I was breaking down my toys to understand how they work, and I still love going as low level as possible in a system to understand how it works. So, yes. I love working in the tech industry! The possibilities are endless and there is always room for improvement.

Are you excited about carving a long career in technology?

Definitely. I have always been passionate about my work, and even though my first instinct is to achieve perfection, I also love exploring. I am confident my curiosity will always land me in different areas of this industry and it will allow me to broaden my knowledge and understanding – which means I can keep up to date with the best practices and technologies in the industry.

What are you looking forward to achieving in your new role?

In my new role, I am looking forward to playing a part in a bigger team, working with other people as passionate as I am. I want to be part of something in which we all support and learn from each other.

 What would you say to other young people looking to kickstart a career in tech?

I would definitely recommend Sparta Global to other graduates that have a passion for technology and would love to pursue a career in this industry. It is a great way to kickstart your career in tech!