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April Spartan of the Month: George Gregory

George studied Computing and IT at the Open University, whilst working as a bartender full-time! Now a Software Consultant for a large public sector organisation, discover George's story below...

Tell us a bit about your background.

Prior to joining Sparta, I studied Computing and IT at the Open University while working as a bartender full-time. I joined Sparta’s Java programme in November 2021 and graduated in February 2022, after landing my role at a large public sector organisation.


How did you decide Sparta Global was the right career move for you?

I found the training exciting and fun, every day felt like a new challenge with a great sense of camaraderie. The training provided me with a great developer mindset to deal with the challenges I may encounter as I enter the industry.


Can you tell us about the connections you have built through Sparta? How have you found the community to be?

The connections and community I have experienced during my time at Sparta has been amazing, if I’m ever in a pickle, I know that the community is always there to help and assist.


What is your current position and with what company?

I am a Software Consultant at a large public sector organisation.


Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day role. What do you get stuck into?

I mainly work on the frontend of projects. My morning usually starts with meetings and the daily team stand-up, then I get into development work. Recently, we have been building a new service using Python Flask, previously we used JavaScript, so it has been exciting to learn about the benefits of Python Flask.


How have you found your first tech role to be?

I have really enjoyed my first tech role. I have always wanted to work in tech to challenge myself, as every day you learn something new and have to problem solve. I look forward to working many years in the technology industry.


Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?

The constant mental stimulation in a tech role is really important to me, and the innovation within the industry is rapidly advancing, I feel like I’ll be learning for many years to come.


What are you looking forward to doing in your new role?


The current project I am working on is completely new, so having the opportunity to work on that and add something new to the system is really exciting and fulfilling.


How did it feel to be named Spartan of the Month?

It felt amazing that the work I’ve been doing has been recognised to that extent. It gave me a great sense of pride that all the hard work I’ve done has been acknowledged.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?

I have done so and will continue to do so. As I mentioned before, it is a great way to get your foot into tech world door, whilst having a constant support network and a great community behind you.


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