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Breaking down barriers in tech: Immanuel Tella

Immanuel Tella joined our Business Analysis programme shortly after the birth of his daughter, seeking the career stability required to support a young family. Read his story here...

Can you start by telling us where you are based?

I am currently based in North Wales with my partner and daughter, but I also have my own place in East London, which is where I was doing my Sparta training. 

Did you go to university? If so, where did you study?

I went to university but really for foundation courses. The last bit of education I completed before Sparta Global's Business Analysis training was at an Academy in East London called Access to Music, studying "A&R / Branding development."

When I started at Sparta Global I had just had my first child, so I was looking for career stability. I found Sparta through LinkedIn, and reading about becoming a Business Analyst/Business Consultant was so exciting to me - I just knew the opportunity of a two-year contract was perfect. Reading about the opportunities available at Sparta, it seemed almost too good to be true - with the clients Sparta already has combined with the money and experiences one could gain going down this path, joining was a no-brainer for me. I knew I would be happy and challenged, so I went for it!

What did you do before you joined Sparta? 

My professional background is as a musical artist, producer, and engineer, but I have also worked in various customer service jobs over the last ten years. 

What inspired you to pursue a job in the tech industry?

I was that kid at seven years old that wanted my own laptop because I was fascinated by technology. We see tech all around us, so why not be in the business for it?

How did you find your training at Sparta?

I have recently finished my training as a Business Analyst and it was life-changing. I have dyslexia so my learning style required me to ask for extra support and thanks to my trainers Nish and Abi, I was able to pass my exams and Quality Gate assessment.

I think the biggest challenge for me was overcoming the judgement I had received in my teenage years from a racist business studies teacher who refused to put me or any of the other black students in my school on the course. I was made to feel like we were never meant to be in the business world. 

I had a similar experience with another tutor years later when I was studying branding development. They told me to “stick to the arts” because “business wasn’t for me”. He was in the industry, so what he said really put me off. Overcoming racist false judgements when it comes to my genuine love and passion for business was a big part of my Sparta Global journey.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

In five years, I see myself as a Senior Business Consultant with Sparta Global, with a good deal of experience working for different companies. I’d also like to help the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) team to further extend their reach, so people like myself won’t write themselves off from the business world. I’d like to spread awareness of the work that Sparta Global does in schools and colleges, build a reputation in the consultancy industry as a Senior Business Analyst, and make a lot of money! 

And finally, would you recommend Sparta to other people looking to find a job in business?

I am actually going to recommend Sparta to a few people that I know have the intelligence and drive to complete the training because it's life-changing! Sparta Global is amazing and I am honoured to work here.