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December Spartan of the Month: Jacob Stoneman

After studying Games Technology at University, Jacob struggled to secure a technical role. Joining the Sparta Global Academy in October 2020, Jacob completed the C# Developer programme with an extra two weeks of C# SDET training. He is now a Test Automation Engineer at a Big Four Consultancy, read his story below...

What and where did you study at university? Or did you not study at university at all? 

I studied Games Technology at Coventry University.  

When did you join Sparta Global and what did you study?  

I joined Sparta in October 2020 and graduated in January 2021. I trained remotely and initially completed the C# Dev programme, before undertaking an additional two weeks of C# SDET training. 

How did you decide Sparta Global was the right career move for you? 

After graduating from university, I struggled to secure a technical role due to my lack of experience. Sparta Global provided a great opportunity to gain the experience I required, whilst allowing me to build on my existing skills.  

How did you find your training at the Academy, and how did you training prepare you for work?  

The Academy was intense but very rewarding and expanded heavily on programming concepts that were only briefly introduced to me at university. By the end of training, my developed technical skills allowed me to jump right in once I started working with my client.  

Can you tell us about the connections you have built through Sparta? How have you found the community to be?  

Sparta has a very supportive community, there is always someone available offering guidance and support.  

What is your current position and with what company? 

I am a Test Automation Engineer, currently working on a public sector project at a Big Four Consultancy.  

Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day role. What do you get stuck into?  

My day-to-day role consists of updating and maintaining a large, Java based test automation framework that aims to validate our weekly releases in both the UI and API.  

How have you found your first tech role?  

Initially, I never intended to work in a QA role, however, I am really enjoying the problem-solving challenges that arise in a test automation role. The job is very fulfilling and has taught me a lot that will be useful moving forward.  

Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?  

I’ve always wanted to work in or around technology. It is a fast-moving industry filled with passionate and engaging people. There is always something interesting to work on.  

Do you feel you now have the passion and skill to carve a long-serving career in technology?  

Definitely! I enjoy learning something new every day, gaining confidence in my approach to the tasks and projects I complete.  

What are you looking forward to doing in your new role?  

The most exciting part of my day is when a unique problem arises and calls for a brand-new solution, requiring me to be creative in my approach. I am looking forward to doing this on new projects and on a larger scale.  

How did it feel to be named Spartan of the Month?  

I was very surprised to be recognised as Spartan of the Month, and it has motivated me to continue working hard.  

Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?  

I’d recommend Sparta to anyone looking to get into the tech industry, regardless of whether they have a technical background or not. The training is excellent and finding a role afterwards is considerably easier than trying to do it alone with no experience.  


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