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February Spartan of the Month: Craig Wroe

After graduating from York St John University and later completing a master’s degree in New Media at the University of Leeds, Craig’s interest in tech was solidified when he stumbled upon Sparta Global and completed our Software Developer course. We sat down with Craig to discuss his Sparta journey so far…

What and where did you study at university?

I studied my undergrad degree in Media at York St John University and did a master’s degree in New Media at the University of Leeds. Although my degree subject was largely unrelated to the career I have now, my master’s degree did contribute to my interest in technology due to its focus on the new media environment. I joined Sparta Global in November 2022 and completed my training in January 2023.


How did you decide Sparta Global was the right career move for you?

A few months after I began learning coding using free online sources, I managed to get a free place on a 13 week coding bootcamp. Once I’d finished this bootcamp, I was sure that I wanted to embark upon a career in the software industry and began to apply for junior developer roles.

I first heard about Sparta Global from a friend who was already working as a Spartan. After reading up on the company and positions available, I thought this was an excellent fit for me. Sparta’s model seemed like a great opportunity for me to receive some high-quality, focused training and land my first role in the software industry.


How did you find your training at the Academy, and how did your training prepare you for work?

The training at the Academy was intense, and challenging at times, but I also found it very enjoyable and insightful. I felt like I learned so much in such a short space of time! The course content was excellent in preparing me for my future role, ranging from basic coding fundamentals through to more advanced topics, with practical projects to apply our learning. Our projects were also structured in a way that reflects the day-to-day experience of working in a software developer role. This additional focus on ways of working in the software industry was another great way in which the training provided by Sparta prepared me for the workplace.


Can you tell us about the connections you have built through Sparta?

I have built some great connections through working at Sparta! From the trainers at the beginning of my journey in the Academy, to the accounts team who helped me find my placement, through to the ongoing support I receive from my engagement advisor, I have always felt like I have a supportive network around me here. Also, I was lucky enough to start my placement with four other Spartans who trained with me on the same cohort who have also been very supportive.


What is your current position and with what company?

Currently, I am working a placement in the Public Sector as a Java Engineer. My role is very varied, and I am often being exposed to new technologies. I have undertaken coding work in Java, the language I trained up on, but have also gained some new experience coding in Python too. My coding work has involved writing new code, refactoring, and investigating bugs to determine a fix. The role has also involved using AWS to monitor the application I work on and using Terraform to provision AWS resources.


How have you found your first tech role?

It’s been great! There has been a lot to learn and take on board with this exciting new role but the help I received beforehand, and the supportive environment created for me by both Sparta and my placement has helped me settle into it very well. I am enjoying it very much and look forward to what else it has to offer in the future.


Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?

Very much so! It’s a very interesting industry to work in and the project I am a part of is genuinely meaningful and carries significant importance. It’s great to be involved in a project like this and know that I am part of a team that makes a positive impact. On a personal level, it’s also a very rewarding feeling to see that my hard work contributes to the project’s success. My workdays are never dull working in this industry, and I am constantly picking up new skills and knowledge which continues to motivate me.


Do you feel you now have the passion and skill to carve a long-serving career in technology?

After working in my placement for over six months now, I am sure that I have the passion to sustain a long career in technology. The skills I am picking up is creating a solid foundation for me to achieve this, and I am excited to see what my future holds for me in this industry.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in this role, picking up useful new skills and valuable practical experience. There are many areas of the large project my team works on that I’m yet to get hands on with, and I look forward to doing so!


How did it feel to be named Spartan of the Month?

It has been fantastic to be named Spartan of the Month! Particularly as it has been due to a very time-consuming piece of work that I put a lot of effort into. It’s very motivating to feel recognised for my hard work and that my efforts are appreciated by the company.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?

Of course! I’d recommend Sparta to anyone looking to break into the tech industry, graduates and career-changers alike. Joining Sparta has accelerated my career and provided me with a strong foundation to be successful in a role like the one I now find myself in. For anyone looking for a route into the industry, I could not recommend Sparta Global enough!




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