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Five benefits of upskilling employees

Upskilling is a key tool organisations utilise to retain top talent and boost employee satisfaction. We have narrowed down the many benefits of upskilling to just five, read below to find out more…

To retain top talent, organisations must incorporate upskilling practices into their employees’ careers. Whether it be through internal programmes or external agencies, upskilling enables employee growth, both professionally and personally.

Here are five reasons why organisations should provide upskilling opportunities:

  1.  Boost motivation

Keeping employees motivated and inspired is the key to organisational success. Providing short courses and training for your employees enables self-development and personal growth which in turn, will elevate self-confidence, and create a more productive and collaborative working environment.

  1. Retain talent

People often move on from organisations due to a lack of career prospects and upskilling opportunities. By introducing an upskilling scheme, organisations are showing their employees that they are passionate about providing future opportunities for their staff. A recent study conducted by Dr. Katherine Chia, discovered that Gen Zs are considered the unhappiest generation at work. It is critical that organisations invest into the long-term education of their future leaders to retain talent and boost employee satisfaction.

  1. Upskilling soft skills

Upskilling does not necessarily mean improving technical skills, training soft skills is of equal importance. Team building and language workshops are an excellent way to educate employees and boost the community feel within an organisation. Additionally, providing training in business and management skills will enhance employees, making them more well-rounded.

  1. Increase productivity

Upskilling boosts confidence which empowers employees to share thoughts and ideas. This will boost productivity as tasks will be achieved through collaboration, due to the increase in employee engagement.

  1. Brand awareness

Employees are more inclined to work for a company which invests in career development and progression opportunities. If employees are content and supported, they are likely to become brand ambassadors, sharing positive feedback internally and externally. This word-of-mouth marketing tool will generate a positive brand image within the eyes of employees and the wider industry.

For our Spartans, the end of their initial training programme does not spell the end of learning. To work in technology, you must be an avid learner who will commit to continuously picking up new skills, learning new technologies, and exploring the unknown. We provide our Spartan community with access to a world-leading e-learning platform and a network of trainers, delivery consultants, alumni and support to make sure they never stop upskilling. To find out more about becoming a Spartan, watch our introductory video here.



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