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5 reasons to become a data analyst

Sparta Global has highlighted 5 key reasons as to why you should become a data analyst! Embrace a versatile skill set, high demand, continuous learning, and cross-industry opportunities. Discover more below...

A data analyst is a person who obtains and evaluates data, to solve a problem. As organisations endeavor to make informed decisions, they will rely on data analysts to unlock insights from various pieces of data. We have narrowed down the many reasons why you should become a data analyst to just five.

  1. Versatile skill set

Due to the vast amount of data that is stored worldwide, as a data analyst you will have the benefit of interpretating many contrasting sets of data. Key skills include problem-solving, attention to detail, interpreting a large amount of data, and many more. As a data analyst, you should be familiar and know how to use SQL (Structured Query Language) for databases and Python or R for manipulating, analysing or visualising data.

  1. High in demand

Data analysts are in high demand across various industries, this means that more job roles for data analysts will open over the next several years. When a job is in high demand, there is an increased job security, allowing you to have the opportunity to advance and develop throughout your career.

  1. Continuous learning

As technology is continuously evolving, data analysts will have to adapt and learn how to enhance the newest tools and technologies. By embracing the latest advancements in the technology sector, data analysts will be able to make many solutions to the complex problems they will face.

  1. Cross-industry applicability

Data is used across every industry, whether it’s used to keep track of employees and clients or collecting and analysing data to refine the company’s marketing strategy. As a data analyst, you will possess skills and knowledge that can be easily transferred from one industry to another. The adaptability of cross-industry data analysts will ensure job security, as their skills will remain in demand for many industries.

  1. Salary

Salaries are a huge factor for employees when looking for a job. According to Indeed, The average salary for data analysts in the UK is at roughly £37,000 per year and in London, the average is at roughly £45,500 per year. However, these numbers may vary due to your experience, location, and the industry in which you work in.


In conclusion, becoming a data analyst offers a promising and fulfilling career. By gaining an all-round skill set, data analysts will have the ability to interpret and analyse a multitude of varying data sets, allowing them to solve various complex problems effectively. The cross-industry applicability of data analysts will amplify their value, allowing them to transition between different industries while keeping their job security.


If you aspire to be a part of a dynamic field, where you can make data driven decisions, becoming a data analyst may be the perfect career for you. Check out the courses we offer here.


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