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Sparta Global services available on G-Cloud 13

Sparta Global's services are available on G-Cloud 13, we encourage all public sector employers to engage with us on this platform. Read this article to discover our current contracts and how you can engage with Sparta Global... 





Sparta Global is available on G-Cloud 13 and we encourage public sector employers to engage with us on this platform via ‘Lot 3’. Public sector organisations have access to all Sparta’s resources and are able to discover our services via the platform. Emerging talent, diverse talent, consultant to permanent and dedicated programmes are some of the shortlisted requirements which highlight Sparta Global.

What contracts do we currently have?

  • Home Office Digital, Data and Technology: Multi-profession emerging talent
  • HM Land Registry: DDat Specialists – Digital and Business Capability Services (Two)
  • Home Office DSA Junior Graduate Services
  • Capability Development Service for Civil Service Employment Opportunities

How can you engage with Sparta Global?

Business development, referrals, outreach, and marketing are just some of the key drivers in maintaining the successful partnership between Sparta Global and the Government.