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Hire, Train, Deploy – the hiring revolution you need to understand

There is a better way to hire and retain the technology talent your organisation needs to be productive, innovative, and competetive. Have you heard about the hire, train, deploy approach to talent provision

People have the potential to power businesses to a new level, but how do you ensure your hiring and talent investment will pay dividends in the future? Where do you attract and retain the technology talent you need, when there is a distinct lack of available talent in the labour market? How do you minimise risk and cost when investing in emerging talent?

Recruiters might be able to offer an immediate reprieve – but are high cost (with substantial recruitment fees) and high risk (no retention strategy or support). Apprenticeship providers might offer access to junior talent and training support too, but apprentices do not immediately add value and require significant management and support to do so. Can your business afford to wait?

Sparta Global is a Hire, Train, deploy company that empowers businesses with diverse, flexible, and immediately available technology talent that can be deployed in small or large teams to power digital projects.


What is hire, train, deploy?

A long-term workforce solution, hire, train, deploy companies hire individuals upfront who they believe have the right attitude, aptitude, and potential to be a successful consultant. These individuals are then trained inline with a clients’ specific technology needs, or in a general specialism that’s prevalent in the market. At the completion of training, consultants are deployed to work on client sites in in-demand roles, on a contract basis, with the opportunity to convert to permanent employees after an agreed period. The hire, train, deploy model offers organisations the chance to secure the skills they need, retain emerging talent and IP, and build a talent pipeline in a cost-effective way.


Hire, train, deploy in technology

In a vision outlined in the government’s Transforming for a Digital Future Strategy, by 2025 the UK government aims to be a transformed, more efficient digital government.

Yet a lack of skilled tech talent – with labour supply and employment below pre-pandemic levels – and a fiercely competitive hiring environment, threaten the progression of the government and wider society’s goals for a digital economy.


With such a significant skills shortage, hire, train, deploy companies provide a long term workforce solution that enables organisations to invest in emerging technology talent who will become their own leaders in the future, finding untapped talent from a variety of backgrounds to plug the gap.


The Sparta Global partnership

Sparta Global is the UK’s only B Corp hire, train, deploy company – providing quality, diverse technology talent across Data, Development, Engineering, Cyber Security, Business, DevOps and more. To date, Sparta Global has hired, trained, and deployed more than 3000 “Spartan” consultants who are now working in in-demand roles across more than 100 companies in the UK.

Our hire, train, deploy solution empowers organisations with a strategic and scalable model for acquiring diverse technical talent, building digital capabilities they need in-house, and ensuring that employee potential is optimised. 

Hire: tap into our diverse talent community – with Spartans hired as a result of displaying the right attitude, aptitude and potential for success. Sparta Global is an equal opportunities employer and does not require a STEM background or degree.


Train: All Spartans must complete 5-8 weeks of full-time training in a selected specialism to qualify as a consultant. This training is designed by Sparta trainers and delivered by the in-house faculty made up of industry professionals. All training is funded by Sparta Global, and trainees are paid a salary throughout.


Deploy: Spartans are assigned to work with clients in in-demand areas that align with their specialist skillset – deployed on contract periods of up to 24 months, with clients having the opportunity to convert Spartans to members of staff at no cost after an agreed period.


Spartans remain employees of Sparta Global whilst working as consultants, and we are therefore responsible for their continued pastoral and professional support. All Spartans have a dedicated Engagement coordinator to support their personal development, a delivery team to manage continued learning and upskilling, and access to the substantial Sparta Global community too.

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