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International Women's Day at Sparta Global

With International Women’s Day just around the corner on March 8th, we're privileged to delve into the tech career journey of Reesa Pillal. From an unexpected encounter with programming during her Psychology studies, to honing her skills through SQL and Python courses with an online training provider, Reesa found her calling as a Business Analyst. Discover her strategies for staying motivated, her memorable breakthrough moment, and her insights into debunking common misconceptions about women in tech. Join us as we celebrate her achievements and explore the dynamic landscape of gender diversity in the tech industry.

What inspired you to pursue a career in tech?

During my degree in Psychology, I was exposed to a programming module. This sparked my interest in the technology field, and I began looking into how to pursue a career in technology. Therefore, I was able to undertake SQL and Python courses after I graduated via the company online training provider which aims to help women in tech by offering free coding courses. I soon became familiar with the role of a business analyst, which values both technical skills but also consulting skills which my degree was able to lend to. And so, I felt confident and excited to pursue this new career in tech.


How do you stay motivated and inspired in your work?

I believe it is important to regularly look for feedback whilst working on a project, not only to understand areas to improve on, but also it is an opportunity to learn where your support has been valuable and acknowledged. A lot of motivation and inspiration can come from hearing how you have supported your team and how the work you have contributed specifically has been critical to the project’s success.


Can you share a memorable breakthrough moment in your career?

Upon joining the project, a senior business analyst on my team took a significant leave unexpectedly, leaving a crucial workstream to be covered. Despite my Junior BA status, I was entrusted with this responsibility due to my proactive attitude and high-quality work. This marked a breakthrough moment for me, as it helped me overcome imposter syndrome, a major challenge in transitioning to a tech career.


What's a common misconception about women in tech that you'd like to debunk?

I initially assumed that as a business analyst, I would predominantly work in male-dominated teams. However, my experience on two projects has proven otherwise. In my most recent project, I collaborated daily with a group of four women at various levels of expertise. Similarly, on my first project, women held key managerial and leadership roles. These experiences fostered environments that prioritised inclusion, particularly for women in the tech industry.

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