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My internship at Sparta Global: Yasmin Jama

During July, Sparta Global welcomed three interns from our social mobility partner, Career Ready. Yasmin, 17, joined our ED&I department for four weeks and has recounted her time at Sparta Global. Read below to find out more...

My transformative journey: Reflections on my internship at Sparta Global

I feel grateful and accomplished as I reflect on my recent internship at Sparta Global. My enthusiasm, drive, desire to pick up useful skills and gain knowledge of an organisation that has a positive social impact led me to land an internship with Sparta Global, and I believe the lessons I learnt from this experience will have a significant impact on my future.

Motivation: The spark that ignited the journey

From the outset, my motivation to pursue this internship was clear; to explore the dynamic world of the tech industry and to challenge myself in an unfamiliar environment. It was overly exciting to think about developing my presentation skills, learning about different teams, and working under the direction of accomplished experts. I was keen to broaden my knowledge, develop new skills and discover potential career opportunities.

Key learning outcomes: Building blocks for the future

During my time at Sparta Global, I was presented with endless learning opportunities. One of the most important lessons was realising the importance of a business model. I was able to understand complex ideas like supply and demand and by the end of my internship, I had developed a comprehensive understanding of how businesses function. I am now more capable within a corporate environment, and I’m able to make valuable contributions to business discussions thanks to this experience.

Another important lesson I learned, was the value of critical thinking. During business conversations, I learned how to support my ideas and opinions which will help me as I progress within my educational and professional career. Collaboration with diverse teams, especially the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) team, highlighted the value of collaboration and critical thinking. Together, these experiences have shaped my capacity for problem-solving and improved my ability to make informed decisions.

Sparta Global as a social impact business: A beacon of Inspiration

The most memorable experience was witnessing Sparta Global’s commitment to social impact, the emphasis placed on diversity and inclusivity really resonated with me. It was encouraging to see how these values were more than just written statements; they were embedded in the company’s culture. It has strengthened my view that success should be linked to positive social change, and Sparta Global’s commitment to making a difference within the tech sector is an example for businesses worldwide.

Final thoughts: A journey worth embracing

As this life-changing journey ends, I find myself considering its effects. Would I repeat it? Absolutely. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I have gained a new skillset and discovered diverse perspectives. To any young person considering an internship at Sparta Global, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap. Your progress will be accelerated by the challenges, you will learn invaluable skills, and your perspectives will grow by interacting with a business that has a positive social impact.

In conclusion, my internship at Sparta Global has been a steppingstone to personal and professional growth. When the time comes to start my professional career, I feel confident knowing that my improved critical thinking skills, expanded understanding of business dynamics and first-hand exposure to a socially conscious company will stand me in good stead. This internship has been a powerful chapter in my career, and I cannot wait to see how it continues.

"Choose growth, choose challenge, choose Sparta Global."


Yasmin Jama

Tech Intern, Sparta Global

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