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5 Reasons To Be a Software Developer

Sparta Global has narrowed down the many reasons as to why you should become a software developer to just 5! Read below to find out more...

Sparta Global strive to create career opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. Our software developer programmes are some of the most popular courses we offer. In this blog, Sparta have narrowed down the many reasons as to why you should become a software developer to just five – read below to find out more! 

What do Software developers do? 

Software developers are an essential asset to all successful organisations. Their skills are indispensable and allow businesses to remain competitive through constant improvements for customer experiences, updating features and tools and creating safe, efficient, and effective software setups. Software developers are responsible for designing, developing, and testing software, therefore, candidates applying for developer roles are often creative and organised individuals with a flair for problem solving and a passion for technology.  

Why you should become a software developer: 

They are in high demand  

Software developers are highly sought after in virtually every industry. The rate at which innovation and technology evolves is rapidly increasing, paralleling the need for software developers. Advancements in technology only consolidate Sparta’s theory that technology is the future, therefore, if you are looking for a career with long-term prospects in a fast-paced environment, software development is a great role to consider.  

Plenty of career options 

There are various decisions software developers are required to make when starting their career. As mentioned in above, software developers are high in demand, and not just in the tech-based organisations. Their transferable skills are required in a multitude of organisations across a broad scope of industries. This allows developers to explore the many different sectors, combining their interests with a passion for software development. Whether it be a fascination by retail, or you find the pharmaceutical industry appealing – software developers are key assets to many large organisations. Possessing these skills opens the door to a variety of careers.  

Software developers have the opportunity to work independently as a contractor, within a small start-up or much larger organisations. The many avenues available, allows developers to create a bespoke role which fits around their lifestyle, hobbies, and style of work.  

Remote working opportunities  

Post pandemic, remote working has become the norm for many people and is an important aspect for many applicants when job hunting. After a slow return to pre-Covid life, the topic of remote working has been a point of controversy within many organisations. The pandemic forced organisations into the digital era, finding new ways of working remotely. In the UK, the restrictions were lifted, allowing organisations to open their doors to workers and welcome back ‘normal’ business. However, many individuals enjoyed working from home and called for hybrid working to be implemented. Like many jobs within the technology industry, providing one has access to suitable devices and a good network connection, software developers are able to work from anywhere in the world.  

Good salary 

When looking for jobs, the salary is often the first thing people check. According to Glassdoor, software developers in the United Kingdom has an average pay of £43k. However, this role provides significant growth opportunities with the high salary of around £70k.  

Extensive learning opportunities 

An important aspect of any job is the extent of learning opportunities available. According to Zavvy, an employee enablement platform, 94% of employees would remain with a company if there were sufficient learning opportunities available. Due to the innovative nature of the technology industry, new skills and tools are constantly emerging, meaning software developers need to be adaptive and receptive to the educational opportunities available.  


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