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Helping girls get into coding

When gender equality meets environmental efforts: Inspiring the next generation of Girls Into Coding to help the climate crisis...

Who are Girls Into Coding? 

Girls Into Coding is a not-for-profit social enterprise, designed to engage and inspire girls in STEM through a combination of educational events, activities, and networking opportunities. The founders, mother, and daughter duo Avye Couloute and Helene Virolan started the organisation with the goal of creating stimulating opportunities for ordinary girls’, unleashing their potential in the STEM world.  

We teamed up with Girls Into Coding – one of our long-standing ED&I partners – on their latest event sponsored by Octopus Energy.  

Sparta Global welcomed a group of 10-14 year old girls to our London headquarters, for an afternoon of learning and playing with tech. Working in groups, the girls learned how to build a mini wind turbine and solar energy generator. After writing the correct code, they watched their miniature houses being powered and even tried different ways to optimise energy generation. 

Gender inequality coupled with climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the decade. Here at Sparta, we are committed to equipping young girls with the knowledge and technical skills they need to help drive sustainable innovation in the years to come.  

As we continue to grow our partnership with Girls Into Coding, we love to see our ED&I and ESG values reflected in these educational activities: young girls with a bright future, learning how to better the world.  

ESG is incredibly important for corporates who are looking for clients and suppliers that align with their social awareness, leading the shift from short-term profits to long-term sustainability. This intersectionality between ESG and ED&I is key to focusing on Social Governance. By running these types of events, we can transform business networks into sources for good and thus transform global economies to benefit people, communities, and the planet. 

Purnima Sen, Chief People and Compliance Officer, Sparta Global  

Check out Girls Into Coding’s page here.