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March Spartan of the Month: James Hibbert

From studying Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath, James embarked on a career change as he began his tech journey at Sparta Global. Trained as a Test Engineer, he shares insights into his transformative journey and thriving career in technology below…

What and where did you study at university?

I studied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath, which is quite a contrasting difference from what I’m doing now in tech!


When did you join Sparta Global, and how did you decide it was the right career move for you?

I joined Sparta in May of 2022 through the employee referral scheme. My friend had recently started working for a client when they informed me about what Sparta Global was and what they could offer. I was looking to get into tech, so it seemed like a great opportunity to start doing something I knew I would enjoy for work! I already had a secure job in London, so deciding to leave that and pursue a career at Sparta seemed quite scary at the time, but it’s paying off.


How did you find your training at the Academy, and how did your training prepare you for work?

My training at Sparta was great! I think I was very lucky to be placed into a cohort with talented people who were committed to learning. We had an excellent trainer who took us through the bare bones of what we’d need to know to succeed on a client site, which not only included tech skills but also worked on improving soft skills that can help you excel in a professional space.


Can you tell us about the connections you have built through Sparta?

Working for a big-four consultancy through Sparta comes with the perks of being able to build a vast network of people from all aspects of tech. This is outside the realm of just SDETs and includes Devs, DevOps, Architects, etc. Being able to collaborate is how you succeed, so it’s amazing to have such a great support network both in Sparta and on the client site.


What is your current position, and what is your day-to-day role like?

I currently work as a Test Engineer in a big four consultancy. As a test engineer, my primary job is breaking things! I play a crucial role in the software development lifecycle by making sure product requirements have been met. We plan tests and execute these both manually and using the Java automation framework, which needs to be maintained and updated as new application functionality is added.

It’s not limited to this, though. It involves a lot of collaboration with Business Analysts, Developers, and Product Managers throughout the software development lifecycle to ensure things such as acceptance criteria will meet stakeholder expectations.


How have you found your first tech role, and do you enjoy working in the industry?

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of my first tech role! Coming from a non-technical background, every day is different, and the fast-paced environment really suits me. I thrive on the opportunity to learn something new every day, continue to improve my coding skills, and learn things outside the realm of my actual role, such as trying to become a better developer or learning the fundamentals of architecture. Not to mention the friends I’ve met while I’ve been working here have been something I am proud of. I think I’m going to be in this industry for a long time!


How did it feel to be named Spartan of the Month?

Being Spartan of the Month is endearing because it just proves that hard work pays off and no matter what your background is, you can succeed in tech if you try hard enough. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t have such a great support network around me!


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates, and if so – why?

I would definitely recommend Sparta to people who are looking to get into tech but don’t come from a technical background. The trainers will teach you the basics from the ground up so you don’t need to worry about your ability before you join, and as soon as you get onto the client site and start getting stuck in yourself, your competency and skills will only grow! The people you meet at Sparta and the connections you make will help you cement yourself in this industry for the long run!

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