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National Inclusion Week 2022: How Sparta Global remain inclusive

Here at Sparta Global, we are focusing on all things ED&I during this years National Inclusion Week. Scroll down to find out what we are doing to ensure we remain inclusive…


To commemorate National Inclusion Week 2022, Sparta Global highlight the importance of diverse workforces. Despite having a week dedicated to Inclusion, we believe it is vital to recognise equality, diversity and inclusion all year round. That is why we have established internal ED&I networks, with our Women in Tech Network launching earlier this month.


Is Sparta Global Diverse?

Absolutely! At Sparta, we strive to attract and train diverse talent from an abundance of different backgrounds. We believe this strengthens our workforce, which in turn, provides our top tier clients with the best service. We are proud to say, 31% of our community is female, which we are looking to increase through the launch of our Women’s Network. In addition, 53% of Spartans are from ethnic minorities. We encourage our Spartans to share their stories through blogs, YouTube videos, testimonials and guest talks.


Do I need a degree to join Sparta?

Currently, 42% of our Spartan community were the first in their family to go to university, however, that does not mean you need a degree to join! We recognise talent when we see it, you don’t need a degree to have potential – which is what we look for in all our Spartans. We employ graduates, non-graduates, career changers and returners, none of which have to come from a STEM background.


What are we doing to be inclusive?

We are proud to have won several awards through the years, recognising Sparta Global as an inclusive employer, as well as being named a Top 75 Employer for social mobility by the Employer Index. It is vital that we continue to educate ourselves, to ensure we use appropriate, inclusive language and actions to communicate Sparta Global as a safe space for training, employment and development. This will hopefully guarantee our Spartans a successful and enjoyable experience where they feel heard and valued.


Equal Tech Report

Gaia Caruso, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion recently spoke on our Instagram page regarding National Inclusion Week, “Sparta Global are dedicated to democratizing access to digital training and employment, getting talented people from all different backgrounds into the fastest growing areas of our digital economy.”

In 2021, Sparta surveyed more than 160 individuals from organisations across almost every industry sector to draw insights and develop a report which highlights how we can better prioritise the people who will be transforming our business, communities and society in the future. The Equal Tech Report not only celebrates but educates our communities ED&I practices, and this year’s report will be focused on Neurodiversity.