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#ComeBackStronger campaign: young people and Covid-19

The economic and social disruption caused by the pandemic has been devastating for different communities for different reasons. For young people in higher education, graduating, or looking to start careers in 2020/21, they have been hardest hit by the pandemic's disruption to the jobs market...

The under-25s saw the biggest rise in unemployment during lockdown. The number of graduate jobs advertised fell 60.3% in the first half of 2020 and those that did remain live attracted thousands more applications than usual.

Our #ComeBackStronger campaign

Starting today [June 21], we are launching our week-long #ComeBackStronger campaign – five days of free technology workshops, hiring workshops, graduate advice, blogs and new programme launches. All of this is focussed on helping young people access the career opportunities and progression they deserve, but have not been able to access. 

An equal opportunity

As a provider of both technology training and employment for graduates and emerging talent communities, at Sparta Global we saw the impact of Covid-19 on employment opportunities first-hand. However, throughout the pandemic we continued to train young people and find them entry-level tech roles. It was hard work, but despite the challenges we helped hundreds of people kickstart their careers.

Now we are enjoying the beginning of the bounce back. Our clients and the wider IT industry are committed to supporting emerging talent progression - they are hiring again, they are introducing new ideas and opportunities for tech talent and we’re all working together to help young people #ComeBackStronger from Covid-19.

Want to #ComeBackStronger with tech?

In industries from healthcare to education to finance to manufacturing, the pandemic has forced companies to use technology to reimagine nearly every facet of their operations. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a post-coronavirus-world is to acquire technology skills. The COVID-19 pandemic is fast-tracking digital transformations in companies as they are trying to become more resilient to future outbreaks and disruptions, and there are hundreds of thousands of entry-level jobs to be had.

While we are a technology employer, we’ll be sharing advice, insights and support to grads of all backgrounds across this week. But, if your dream job does lie in the technology industry – then we want to offer more. We hire year-round, in disciplines across Data, Development, Cybersecurity, Business Analysis, and DevOps. Click here to see our current jobs and we can help you kickstart a tech career in a matter of months.

It doesn’t matter what degree you studied or if you even have a degree at all – we are an equal opportunities employer looking for passionate and determined people. If you meet this criteria, we’ll give you the technology training you need to work in the field of your choice.