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Tech Without Frontiers

Tech Without Frontiers: Empowering displaced talent with skills, opportunities, and choice...

Over the last decade, the number of international migrants has grown consistently, from 221 million people in 2010 to 281 million in 2020. This year alone, millions have moved across borders due economic hardship, conflict, and instability.

Climate change poses an additional challenge: with 200 million projected climate refugees by 2050, the World Economic Forum is now calling for stronger action by governments, policy makers, and industry leaders to support the international flow of people.

But migration brings great opportunities, too: it mobilises knowledge, skills, and cultural perspectives that have considerable benefits for economies.

At Sparta Global, we are taking action to support displaced talent.

Our Tech Without Frontiers internship programme — in partnership with Migrant Leaders and Migrant Help — offers free technical and business upskilling, advice, and mentoring to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. In turn, the participants in the programme bring something very special: their diverse journeys, determination, drive, and potential.

We believe that businesses play an important role in advancing civic integration. By taking collective action, we can engage and develop incoming talent, increase workforce diversity, and drastically reduce existing gaps in social mobility.

Talent does not have frontiers, and neither does tech: if we empower diverse minds with digital literacy, we will reap the benefits of a stronger, more resilient tech workforce in the years to come.