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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Help prevent the digital attack now!

Did you know that 95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error? Become a Spartan and help stop the attack. Discover what it means to work in cyber security…


October is Cyber Security Awareness month. It is vital that we highlight the importance of digital defence and why it is so critical that businesses protect their assets, people and information. We help a number of organisations do this – providing them with junior cyber security consultants who help reduce the risk of attack and continuously make improvements for the future. It’s an important job, and our Spartans can do it. But what does a job in cyber security really mean?

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is vital in many different industries. In simple terms, it is the measures which are implemented to protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks such as, theft, damage to hardware or software and electronic data. These breaches can also cause disruption or misdirection to an organisation’s services.

What industries is cyber security operating in?

A role in cyber security will give individuals with a passion for tech the opportunity to explore new sectors. Tech is everywhere, but so is the threat of digital attack. Most industries – and the organisations within them – require protection from cyber threats. However, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and government are currently facing the highest risk, and therefore have the most demand for security talent.

 Whether you are keen to protect healthcare companies who are constantly developing world-changing medicines or to assist industry giants in the fashion and retail sector, cyber can build the bridge between you and your dream industry.

Here are some quick facts about cyber security:

  •  95% of cyber security breaches are caused by human error.
  • Since COVID-19, the USA reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.
  • Ransomware attacks happen every 10 seconds.
  • 71% of all cyber-attacks are financially motivated.
  • 94% of all malwares are delivered by email.

What does Sparta Global offer?

Here at Sparta Global, we offer a variety of training programmes. Our cyber security Spartans have an innate passion and curiosity for tech, alongside an aptitude for problem solving, communication and a sharp eye for detail.

The cyber security training programme is designed to educate and nurture an understanding of various platforms, fundamental computer forensics skills and hacking. Some of the modules within the course will focus on, encryption, Kali Linux, legislation and frameworks, risk management, penetration testing and defence mechanisms.

Are you interested in kickstarting your career in cyber security? Click here to discover more!