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October Spartan of the Month: Ioana Nicolae

After studying Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies Management at the University of Leeds, Ioana decided to pursue a career in tech. Her Sparta journey started with a LinkedIn message from our Talent Team, scroll down to find out more...

Congratulations on being named Spartan of the Month! How do you feel?

Honestly amazing! I feel like I've done a great job recently but still was not expecting this.


What and where did you study at university? Or did you not study at university at all?  

I studied Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies Management at the University of Leeds.


Tell us, how did you discover Sparta Global?

Before Sparta, I didn’t have any tech experience at all. It has always been in the back of my head that it would be great to break through into the industry somehow – I just didn’t know where to start. That was until I received a message on LinkedIn from Al, Sparta’s Talent Team Lead, who presented this opportunity to me. I was a bit sceptical at first because it sounded too good to be true, but it all turned out to be great. I joined Sparta during the pandemic in July 2021, therefore we trained remotely. I studied SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) and finished the course in October 2021.


How did you find your training at the Academy? How did your training prepare you for your current role?

The training was very challenging and fast paced. We had around ten new concepts given to us daily which we had to assimilate by the next day. Our trainer was very patient and explained these concepts as many times as we needed. My group was really nice, and we were able to help each other during the training. The intense nature of the training reflected my first few months with a client – a lot to grasp in a short amount of time and learning from extremely nice, patient people. Although I am currently not using all the technical concepts I learned during training within my role as a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) at a Big Four Consultancy, it is a plus to have that extra knowledge. Sparta Global has a very close-knit community I would say. Going to the office doesn't feel like going to work because of how approachable and nice everyone is. Also, meeting new Spartans is always a pleasure because of how different our backgrounds are - you can learn a lot of things just by having a casual chat which I find fascinating.


You’re a UAT at a Big Four Consultancy! What does that entail? How are you finding it?

This might sound cliché, but no day is the same as the last one. Since joining the company I've been involved in writing the project's strategy, coding, SIT (System Integration Testing), UAT or defect management. Regularly meeting with the client and building the relationship with them also plays a big part in the job. The role is character-forming. I've learned a lot of things and feel like I've grown a lot in a short amount of time. Working with different types of people from across the world, learning how to take feedback and improve or managing my work under pressure are just a few examples of how this role shaped me. I'm looking forward to gaining more responsibility and continuing to get out of my comfort zone as I think that's the best way of developing yourself and learning new things.


Are you enjoying working in the tech industry, do you see yourself having a long-serving career in the industry?

I enjoy working in the tech industry because of how many opportunities and different career paths exist. There are more client facing roles, or roles that involve a lot of coding and problem solving - there's something for everyone out there. I definitely see myself exploring different paths and learning as much as possible in the industry.


Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates and if so – why?

I would definitely recommend Sparta to other graduates interested in building a career in tech - it's the place to start because of all the doors it will open for you.