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November Spartan of the Month: Tolga Komur

Despite studying a technology based degree, Tolga was unsuccessful in landing a role in the industry. That was until he discovered Sparta Global. Since becoming a Spartan in 2020, Tolga has achieved great things as a manual tester for a global software company. Read his story below...

What and where did you study at university? Or did you not study at university at all?

I went to Kingston University and studied BSc computer science, specialising in games programming.

When did you join Sparta and what course did you study?

I joined Sparta in February 2020 and studied the Java SDET course in the London office.

How did you decide Sparta Global was the right career move for you?

Having graduated from university in 2018, I was unsuccessful in finding any technology organisation that would hire, or even offer me an interview. I was grateful that Sparta Global wanted to help me find a role and provided training. I accepted the offer and have not been disappointed.

How did you find your training at the Academy, and how did your training prepare you for work?

I really enjoyed the new experience and the opportunities that Sparta Global provide once the training is complete. Getting into the mindset of how a tester should think and do, plus all the interview practice made it all feel even more real.

Can you tell us about the connections you have built through Sparta? How have you found the community to be?

Every Spartans’ situation and goals are similar, specifically the path they have chosen to enter the technology industry. This makes it easier to understand and relate to someone else’s experience and provide advice or receive it.

What is your current position and with what company?

I am a Manual Tester for a global software company, who I have been working with for nearly 2 years. During this time, I have worked on two major projects. The first being for four and a half months, focusing on integrated testing. The second project, which I continue to work on, requires integrated testing, user acceptance testing and regression testing. I have also been working on data migration concurrently with all the testing aspects.

Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day role. What do you get stuck into?

I begin my day by opening my email and completing any unfinished tasks. I am required to attend our daily stand-up to report what I am working on and how it is progressing to my supervisor. If applicable, I deliver an update to all parties involved in the work I am doing.

How have you found your first tech role?

I have found my first tech role refreshing, as I am working with such an amazing team of like-minded professionals. I always knew that I would end up in a tech role and I am not disappointed.

Are you enjoying working in the tech industry and if so – why?

I am happy to be gaining real-life experience and looking forward to expanding my knowledge even further. I am fortunate that I have formed good relationships with my colleagues, everyone is nice!

Do you feel you now have the passion and skill to carve a long-serving career in technology?

Yes, I always planned to land a career in technology, however, I was unsure about where to start. These two years have allowed me to envision what my future in the industry will look like.

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