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November Spartan of the Month: Ahmed Elawwad

After joining our Data Analysis course, Ahmed secured a Data role with our largest client in the public sector. Demonstrating an eager attitude towards complex work, Ahmed has already been involved in skill sharing, showcasing his ability using data sets and helping other members of staff develop their abilities. Read about his journey...

What and where did you study at university? Or did you not study at university at all?

I studied BEng in Software Engineering at the University of Greenwich.

How did you decide Sparta Global was the right career move for you?

After doing some research, I was drawn to the wide selection of technology training and employment opportunities Sparta Global offered.

When did you join Sparta and what course did you study?

I joined Sparta Global’s Data Engineering course in May 2022 and graduated 6 weeks later.

How did you find your training at the Academy? How do you think the training prepared you for work?

I believe my class had the best trainer in the UK. The quality of the training exceeded all my expectations and the content we learnt fully prepared us for anything that may arise when we join a client. Therefore, it wasn’t easy. The training pushed us all to our limits and our trainer, David, ensured we were fully prepared to work with a client. This made my transition to work very easy because I was well-equipped with all the necessary technology skills that I had learnt during my time at Sparta. Furthermore, I think Sparta has an outstanding culture and great values. I have built good relationships with everyone I worked with; they are truly fantastic people.

What is your current position?

I work as a Data Analyst within the public sector.

Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day role. What do you get stuck into?

Day-to-day, I deal with our many datasets. These come from various sources, and I am required to combine and analyse them to answer business related questions – it’s amazing, I love it.

Are you enjoying working in the tech industry?

What makes me truly happy to work in tech, is the satisfaction I feel when I solve a difficult technical challenge. I am constantly being pushed beyond my boundaries in an industry I am passionate about.

What are you looking forward to doing in your new role?

I look forward to expanding on my current knowledge, learning new things and helping everyone in my team, and the wider organisation develop and achieve the best results.

How did it feel to be named Spartan of the Month?

It means the world to me; I feel very proud. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without Sparta’s support.

Would you recommend Sparta to other graduates? If so, why?

Yes, Sparta Global have fantastic values and culture. It is an organisation that really cares about people and improving diversity and inclusion within the technology industry. There is a massive difference between saying and doing when it comes to improving ED&I practices, and Sparta Global are truly doing.



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