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Unlocking Tech Careers: Resilience, Opportunity, and Success Beyond Grades

Discover how grades don't define success in technology careers. Here at Sparta Global, we provide equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of their background! Read below to find out more...



Around the time of results day, it's natural for students to worry about their future; if they’re going to university, taking a degree apprenticeship or going straight for a job. It's also natural for students to have no idea about what they want to do in their future. Fortunately, this isn't the end for those who may not achieve desired marks, options still exist to lead them into the corporate world.

Hard to Meet the Mark

This year, an unfortunate reality is likely to be more prominent. The Department for Education reportedly plans to grant 56,000 fewer A*s and 36,000 fewer A grades to 2023 A-level students. Nick Gibb, the Minister of State for schools, will ensure that the results students receive for their A-levels will ‘carry the same weight with employers’ as they did in pre-Covid years. However, this also means that nearly 50,000 students will not be achieving the A*/A grade that their universities would have asked for.  

The Best Grades Do Not Equal the Best Careers

We often assume successful careers correlate with school grades, but it is not always true. Good grades do not always signify intelligence; success involves more than good exam technique. Many high-ranking professionals underperformed academically—Richard Branson was a high school dropout!

Technology: Promoting Equal Opportunities

Students considering tech careers can still pursue them. Not all tech roles require tech degrees. Surprisingly, tech careers—like programming or data analysis—are not exclusive to university graduates. Bootcamps and short courses are great way to develop a foundational understanding and build a new skillset. Furthermore, the technology industry requires many non-technical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication— are essential in various fields.

Career Change Success

Sparta Global follows a hire, train, deploy model, where you get paid to receive training in your chosen tech specialization. Once your training is complete, you are assigned to work on-site as a Spartan consultant with one of our top-tier clients.

Receiving less than perfect grades on results day does not mean that you won’t ever be able to find a job! In fact, it builds resilience that many will not have. With employers like Sparta Global, there are always options to get into a tech career without experience or educational excellence.

Find out more about hire, train, deploy and what it could mean for you, here.  

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