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Sparta Global CEO donates thousands of tree saplings to National Trust

Sparta Global CEO donates thousands of tree saplings to National Trust to represent the personal and professional growth of 1750 Sparta Global consultants...

Sparta Global has today announced its donation of 1750 square metres of tree saplings to the National Trust. The donation marks Sparta Global’s training of 1750 consultants across its business and technology Academy courses.  

Founded in 2014 to help close the digital skills gap in the UK, Sparta Global opened training Academies in London and Birmingham to deliver funded training opportunities across Data, Development, Test, DevOps, Business Analysis and Cybersecurity for emerging talent. Forced to close its Academies during the pandemic, the organisation quickly pivoted its training to online, and continued attract, train and deploy its early-careers talent to organisations throughout the pandemic period. This unwavering commitment means Sparta Global has now hired and trained 1750 Spartans since its inception.  

On the milestone, Sparta Global CEO David Rai said; “It has been a personal and professional passion for me to support youth employability and social mobility since I co-founded Sparta Global. We could never have predicted the pandemic and its impact on early careers, but I am incredibly proud that we never faltered in our support of these passionate professionals and the development of their future careers in tech.”

In November 2021, over 100 leaders made a landmark pledge to end deforestation at COP26. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the earth’s forest as “the lungs of our planet” and supportive of “communities and livelihoods”. David Rai echoes these descriptors when discussing the value of emerging digital talent in the UK and their future contributions to UK innovation.

“Our donation of saplings for 1750 sq metres of woodland to the National Trust is not only a nod to our position as a socially responsible business that truly values sustainability, but also a metaphor for our Spartans’ growth,” David Rai continues. “Our training and career opportunities give young people the skills to develop future careers in technology that promise longevity and growth. Through our donation to the National Trust, we are honouring these individual journeys and giving something else the chance to flourish.”

In conjunction with Sparta Global’s continued growth, the company pledges to plant 500 further trees when it reaches its next 500 Spartans.

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