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Four industries that require technology skills

Sparta Global outlines four industries that are in need of technology skills. Read this week's blog to discover how you can combine your new-found tech skills with your dream industry... 

Do you want to work in the healthcare industry but don’t have the degree to be a doctor? Or has that knee injury kept you from the sports career of your dreams?

Sparta Global provide paid training and the opportunity to work in every industry, with over 100 clients in both the public and private sectors. Are you ready to launch your new tech career with Sparta Global?

Every industry requires fresh tech talent. Take a look below to learn about four of the biggest players:

  1. Healthcare

Tech innovation is at the forefront of healthcare. With the constant discovery of new medicines, cures, and research, technology drives change to deliver solutions to the people that need them. Whether you are training to become a Business Analyst or a Software Tester, the demand for these skills continues to surge.

  1. Retail

The rise of e-commerce has revolutionised retail on a worldwide scale. Even the in-person shopping is rapidly becoming a technologically immersive experience. Whether you scan a QR code to access a discount code or use a self-checkout to ring up your basket, skilled technologists are helping you shop, and Data Engineers use customer data to predict trends and help brands harness customer buying power.

  1. Sport

Referees and linesmen are becomingly increasingly dependent on goal-line technology, video assistant referee (VAR), hawk-eye football technology and smart ball technology. These technologies are used across a variety of sports, with many governing bodies and associations incorporating them into their management of rules and regulations. Test Engineers play a crucial role in making sure these tools are robust and make decisions that players and fans can trust.

  1. Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries are responsible for much of the content society consumes. Be it digital ads, streaming platforms or social media, technology is the driving force behind these innovations. Software Engineers are highly sought after due to their ability to construct code, which builds both the back end and the user interface, which we frequently use on our TVs, phones, and other media devices.

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