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National Coding Week: Get coding today

To celebrate National Coding Week, discover how Sparta Global can propel you into one of the most lucrative and growing industries...

What is Coding/Programming?

Coding/Programming is the process of creating computer scripts which run programmes, applications, and websites amongst other web-based processes. There are said to be around 9000 programming languages which are translated by computers into an action, visual or operation within a piece of software; however, you will NOT need to know all 9000!

Why get into coding?

Programmers are in demand across a variety of industries as their skills are foundational to business processes and operations. There will always be a job requiring your skills! In turn, this elevates the national average salary to £36,235 for coders and programmers. By acquiring these tech skills, you are opening the door to a plethora of careers. The ability to understand programming languages places you at the forefront of potential candidates when applying for a job or looking to progress.

How do I get into coding?

So, you have decided that you want to become a programmer but are unsure of how to land a job… or you may require upskilling to strengthen your skills. Sparta Global provides paid training to those passionate about tech or with a desire to pursue a career within the industry. Our “Spartans” come from a plethora of diverse backgrounds; whether they be university graduates or not, career changers or new starters, Sparta strives to open the door and create new opportunities in an innovative industry.

Our Programmes

At Sparta, our Software Development programmes are designed to keep pace with technological change meaning the curriculum is constantly updated. We believe it is fundamental for our Spartans to have knowledge of OOP Principles, MVC, Source Control, Linux, RESTful API creation Bash and web app creation alongside an understanding of the programming languages C#, Java or Python. No idea what these are? Don’t worry! Sparta endeavours to train individuals, regardless of previous knowledge. However, for our coding programmes, you are required to complete a short technical test in conjunction with our standard assessment protocol. We provide support material prior to the technical test, and remember, we want you to pass just as much as you do!


If you think coding could be for you, click here to find out more about our programmes.